Brut Cider


7% vol.


from turbid to opalescent, deep yellow colour

barely ripe apples, crust of bread and yeast, balanced

bold and dry, Renetta Canada apple stands out with its strong depth

For Melchiori Renetta craft apple cider production, we select only Renetta Canada apples, which are typical from Val di Non but originally derive from France. They are yellow and a bit rusty, tannic, slightly acidulous but with a good sugar content.


The ancestral method consists in bottle fermentation without disgorging. Before consumption, this cider should age on lees for 8 months. The lees at the bottom contribute to make it a lively product, that evolves over time.


Renetta is natural and bold.


fine and persistent
for any savoury dish, especially delicate but also well-structured flavours, mild cheese and cooked or a bit spicy cold meat. Excellent with risotto.