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What is Cider

Cider is a beverage produced by fermented fruit, except grapes. The most widespread and consumed cider is the one deriving from the fermentation of apples. Its birth dates back to medieval times, when it was considered a luxury good. Nowadays it is proposed as a fresh drink, perfect to be enjoyed with friends in any moment of the day.


Cider is yellow-coloured and slightly alcoholic (alcohol content varies from 4% to 11%). It can be extra-dry, dry, medium, sweet and have different organoleptic features. The wide variety of these features depends on the apple blended, the recipes and the production method adopted. By using Charmat Method the product ferments in autoclaves, while with Classical Method the product ferments in bottles.


Melchiori Cider: how it all started

Our passion was born from the meeting between Alberto Corazzolla and his wife Lucia Maria Melchiori with Loris Dall’Acqua, a prestigious oenologist and partner of the Col Vetoraz winery, near Valdobbiadene.


The main factors that supported the birth of the Melchiori craft cider were the sharing of knowledge about apple cider, of its tradition in several European regions (such as Normandy, Asturias, Somerset) and the awareness of Alberto and Lucia Maria of living in a valley with an exceptional production of fine, high-quality apples: the Val di Non.

The desire for innovation and expression of new ideas, the use of local raw materials, our purpose to create a high-quality craft product, spreading the culture of Cider in Italy have been the keys that made our dream come true.
In autumn 2002 we purchased our first autoclaves and tried to ferment apple juice for the first time. The yield of that year was outstanding, products had excellent sugar content, a good level of tannins and perfect acidity.
That’s how the production in the Melchiori company started.


We focus on three simple goals:

• use of local raw materials

product quality according to the production method

spread of Cider tradition in Italy

Montanaro bio

Next steps in our Cider creation

When Matteo joined our company in 2007, we started to examine in depth and improve the research into the product. This has allowed us to be recognized nowadays as premium Italian cider producers among the countries with an important culture of cider.


In 2011 the new bottling line, the installation of 100 hl autoclaves and the continuous research allowed our apple cider quality to improve significantly, making our beverage even more elegant and clean.


During 2017 we focused our research on apple tree blossoms.


This project, led by our research and development manager Paola Sicher, enabled us to discover in Plaze, on Santa Giustina Lake, a yeast which is now used in all Melchiori Cider productions. We named it Lucia Paola Yeast and we are very proud of it because it’s a prestigious product that enhances the value to our local territory.


After two years of study started in 2019 by Matteo, our innovative bottle re-fermented ciders with classical and ancestral method were born.


Launched on the market in 2022, these ciders are highly appreciated by the most refined palates of those looking for elegant ciders, with great organoleptic complexities and capable of pairing with all sorts of meals.